ISTAP 2023

Registration and Submission

Relevant Issues of ISTAP X:

  1. The environment’s impact on the livestock production systems
  2. Action plan to deal with the impact of livestock production on the environment
  3. Breeding and reproduction strategies for animals under challenging environment
  4. Green technologies for livestock farming and waste management
  5. Animal feed technology and practices in tropics
  6. Precision livestock farming practices under challenging climate
  7. Heat stress and physiological management technologies in tropics
  8. Sustainable tropical livestock farming systems based on green economy perspective
  9. Balanced ecosystem services for rural development and farmer’s well being
  10. Animal health and welfare under tropical environment and climate change stressors
  11. Promoting agribusiness of local genetic resources with ecological perspective

Sub Topics:

  1. Environment and Carbon Footprint
  2. Animal Biotechnology
  3. Precision Livestock Farming
  4. Breeding And Reproduction
  5. Animal Feed Technology
  6. Animal Health And Welfare
  7. Social and Community Involvement
  8. Livestock Business and Management
  9. Waste Management
  10. Food Security and Technology
  11. Food Safety and Halal Industry
  12. Global Halal and Food Security

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