ISTAP 2023


10th International Seminar
on Tropical Animal Production

Faculty of Animal Science, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

November, 8th-9th 2023

Sustainable Animal Productivity and Environmental Footprint Toward Global Halal and Food Security



Animal production in recent decades has been increasing dramatically, to satisfy the demand of an ever-growing human population and economy. However, this rapid growth has also led to a rise in the environmental impact associated with animal production. Indeed, animal farming produces a large amount of waste, contributes to deforestation and the loss of habitats, and generates to various problems including stress and diseases. This is problematic as it leads to a greater demand for land and other resources, further exacerbating the issue of food security. Moreover, animal farms can be relatively inefficient at utilizing available resources due to their reliance on conventional agricultural practices, such as the use of extensive arable land and large numbers of poor-quality pastures and forages for feeding their animal. In addition, the demand of halal food is increasing sharply due to the spread of Moslem population. These issues are interesting to be intensively discussed by various experts in related fields dealing with  sustainable animal productivity and environmental footprint toward global halal and food security.


The 10th International Seminar on Tropical Animal Production (ISTAP X) organized by Faculty of Animal Science, Universitas Gadjah Mada and scheduled to be held from 8-9 November 2023 foresees many discoveries in animal science research and other related areas. It aims to develop pilot projects focused on  more efficient and sustainable animal production systems, specific evidence based on research and experiences of community, and communicating these with a view to inspiring further implementation.

Featured Speaker

The Expert Speaker

Prof. Matthias Gauly

Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

Prof. Metha Wanapat

University of Khonkaen, Thailand

Prof. Heather Burrow

University of New England, Australia

Dr. Awis Qurni Sazili

Universiti of Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Dr. Maja Slingerland

Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands

Prof. Nanung Agus F.

Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia

Dr. Jasper Heerkens

Aeres University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

We Look Forward to Welcoming You to Participate in ISTAP X

Topics ISTAP X

Relevant Issues

The 10th International Seminar on Tropical Animal Production (ISTAP X) is a forum for the presentation of recent knowledge and technology regarding animal production. It provides a perspective and insight into tropical animal production systems and sustainable local resource management. Topics of interest for paper submission:

The environment’s impact on the livestock production systems

Action plan to deal with the impact of livestock production on the environment

Breeding and reproduction strategies for animals under challenging environment

Green technologies for livestock farming and waste management

Animal feed technology and practices in tropics

Precision livestock farming practices under challenging climate

Heat stress and physiological management technologies in tropics

Sustainable tropical livestock farming systems based on green economy perspective

Balanced ecosystem services for rural development and farmer’s well being

Animal health and welfare under tropical environment and climate change stressors

Promoting agribusiness of local genetic resources with ecological perspective

Global halal and food security

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Timeline ISTAP X

Important Dates

October 02nd, 2023

Abstract Submission Deadline

October 02nd, 2023

October 09th, 2023

Abstract Acceptance Notification

October 09th, 2023

December 07th, 2023

Full Paper Submission Deadline

December 07th, 2023

December 07th, 2023

Payment Completion Deadline

December 07th, 2023

Publication Opportunity

Selected paper will be submitted to published in IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Scence ( indexed by Scopus ( or Bulletin of Animal Science ( a Sinta 2 accredited journal (


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